ROAR is open Wednesday through Saturday.
Special events will list time and date on our flyers.
Sign up for the mail list for the most up to date info.
*times are subject to change.

Wednesday5 – 11 am
Thursday5 – 11 am
Friday5 – 2 am
Saturday9 – 2 am
Sunday, Monday, TuesdayClosed/Private Events

ROAR will be something for everyone while providing the best entertainment venue in the city, state, country and world!  This will be accomplished by:

·     Enforcing a physically safe space for everyone free of judgement, harassment, bias and disrespect.  
·     Providing the best entertainment including live music, drag shows, variety shows, recorded music and other forms of entertainment highlighting the talent of our area. 
·     Offering food and drink for all ages, tastes and likes at a value that is affordable for all.  
·     Employing a group of staff that is reflective of our entire community and is empowered to make decisions and do whatever necessary to provide excellent customer service.  
For the enjoyment and safety of our customers and staff, we also require our customers to abide by a code of conduct to achieve our mission.  

Box Office:
Most of our events do not require advance tickets, with the exception of our brunches and some special events.  We do not sell tickets for events on-site.  If you are interested in purchasing tickets please visit our social media pages for links to Ticket Tailor.  All tickets sold by Roar uses the Ticket Tailor platform.
Forms of ID:
The following documents will be accepted as proof of age for entry:
·       Valid New York State driver’s license or a valid driver’s license from any other state or Canada
·       Valid identification issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (Non-Drive ID card)
·       Valid United States military identification
·       Valid passport or visa from United States government or any other country
Here are a few things that won’t count as valid ID:
·       Photographs or photocopies of identification
·       University of High School ID cards
·       Driver’s licenses and non-driver ID’s from countries other than the United States & Canada
·       Identification that is expired by more than 1 month
·       Employment identification
·       Credit cards / medial cards / membership cards
Re-Entry Policy:
Re-entry is not permitted for anyone under the age of 21.  Those guests that are 21+ are allowed re-entry as long as capacity has not been reached.   Any guests 21+ that would like re-entry must wait in the entry line to be re-checked by security.
Security Check & Bags:
All guests are subject to security search.  This includes all small bags and coats.  Only one small handbags, fanny packs, etc. smaller than 8.5” x 12” are allowed into Roar per person.  Any bags larger than 8.5”x12” will NOT be allowed in.  A coat check is always available at no cost, most of the time it is self-serve and Roar is not responsible for any damage or theft.
Prescription Medication:
Prescription medication in its original container, with the name on the container label matching the guest’s name, is permitted into Roar.  The quantity of medication allowed into the venue should be no more that what is needed for a 24 hour period.
Dress Code:
Roar does not have a formal dress code, however shoes must be worn at all times.
Allowed Items: (still subject to search)
·       Hats
·       Sunglasses
·       Earplugs
·       Prescription medications (outlined above)
·       Cigarettes, e-cigarettes and lighters (please use all outside on front patio only)
·       Film and digital cameras with fixed lenses
·       Phone charging case or phone charger
·       LED gloves or glowsticks
·       Small bags (8.5” x 12” or smaller)
Prohibited Items:
·       Backpacks
·       Any bags larger than 8.5” x 12”
·       Weapons of ANY kind (including but not limited to firearms, mace, pepper spray, knives, sharp objects, bats, clubs, tasers)
·       Outside food or beverage, including water bottles
·       Skateboards, scoters, or personal motorized vehicles
·       Large umbrellas (personal sized are ok)
In-Venue Purchases:
·       For club nights a discount is offered for door/cover charges if paying cash
·       To open a tab at the bar, a valid credit card must be presented when ordering, this card will be pre-authorized for $25.  That pre-authorization for most cards falls off within 24 hours or less, sometimes specific cards (example ESL debit cards) hold the pre-auth longer than 24 hours.  Please give it 2 business days before contacting us
·       Any open tabs at the end of the night will be automatically closed with a 20% gratuity added
·       If you ever feel you are mis-charged, please contact us (via email is best: and give us a chance to look at it before you disputed the charge with your credit card provider

If you see something, say something. Customers are our best eyes and ears and have a responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety.  Please seek out any staff member should you need to report something.  
Some of our entertainment is intended for mature audiences. If you are easily offended by sexual content, please consider enjoying your evening elsewhere. 
We thank you for your adherence to the above.  Failure to meet this conduct may result in refusal of entry, ejection or criminal proceeding in partnership with local law enforcement.

Leave your attitude & drama outside the door, cause inside here, everyone is

Welcome To Roar!