Looking to elevate your night?  
We have multiple VIP booth/room options to make your night extra special. 
To book, please email vip@roarroc.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I make a reservation?
    Email vip@roarroc.com
  1. How much does Bottle Service cost?
    Varies based upon what bottle you are interested in, but prices range from $100-$160 per bottle and includes 3 mixers of your choice. Bottles of bubbly, buckets/pitchers of beer and buckets of White Claw are also available. All prices are subject to sales tax and 18% gratuity.  Please also note that all bottle service customers and guests are expected to pay the cover charge to enter Roar.  This helps us ensure our bottle service pricing is fair.
  1. Can I reserve a booth without bottle service?
    Yes you can, we do have one booth on the first floor which is dedicated for just that and at this booth anyone 18+ is welcome.  Upstairs you can also reserve a booth for a fee without bottle service, but all guests must be 21+.
  1. Where do I check in for my VIP reservation?
    All guests are expected to wait in line for entrance and go through security.  Once you get to security/cashier, please ask them to get the VIP host for the evening and we will take you to your booth.
  1. Can I bring extra guests into VIP?
    Every booth or room has capacity limits, when emailing vip@roarroc.com our VIP host can help recommend what space fits your group best.  All guests in the VIP area will be required to wear a VIP wrist band in addition to any other wrist bands issued by security.
  1. Can I bring in food for my VIP guests?
    We can offer food service from our kitchen if it’s scheduled in advance.  Upon advance approval we will also allow cupcakes to be brought in from an approved bakery or store (no homemade items).
  1. Can I decorate my VIP booth or room?
    Limited decorations will be allowed, keeping in mind that any damage to the space will be your responsibility.  We can also arrange for decorations in advance, your VIP host can assist with that if you desire.
  1. Why is VIP 21 and older only?
    Due to the proximity to open bottles of liquor, VIP booths on the 2nd floor and the VIP rooms are only available to guests 21+.
  1. Can I cancel my VIP reservations?
    Once a deposit is paid it is non-refundable.